bon voyage : iceland

i’m not easily intimidated, especially when it comes to travel.  i’ve ventured off for summers abroad on my own, clueless about what to expect at my destination, with little fear or reservation.  when my husband and i decided to travel to iceland to celebrate our first anniversary, i took it as an opportunity for lots […]

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handcrafted : coffee table

we managed to spend our first eleven months of marriage sans coffee table, and i won’t lie, i kind of liked it.  the pros were so enticing: one less surface to dust, more open space in our little home, not spending more money on more furniture (especially since whenever i’d look, i couldn’t find anything that […]

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live well : nourish | verb

raise your hand if you love the way you feel when you know you are taking care of your body, supplying it with healthy foods filled with the essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids it needs to function like a boss. now raise your hand if, even knowing how happy it makes you feel to […]

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tropicanola (tropical granola)

it’s february 8, and i’m ready for summer.  clearly, i’m setting myself up for disappointment, but i think i’ve found a way to remedy my warm-weather longing.  behold, i give you tropicanola, a granola that will satiate any person’s winter blues with its cheery array of dried tropical fruits, ginger, nuts, seeds, and oats. i used […]

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bon voyage: paris

some precursory knowledge if you are reading this and do not know me: I LOVE PARIS. i loved it before i ever visited, and i have only grown to love it more with each visit.  i love it so much that i convinced my husband, our immediate families, and some of our dearest friends that […]

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