my favorite breakfast sammie (old faithful)

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when i was young, i hated eggs.  i didn’t much care for breakfast, either, so i was often able to avoid eating them.

my, how times have changed!  breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day, even when it’s eaten at 7:00pm (brinner, anyone?).  i don’t know if it/s the pleasantness of the routine and preparation, the fact that i am filling my proverbial fuel tank for the busy day ahead, or if it’s just the flavors and textures that seem to meld together so seamlessly that has grown my love for breakfast into a near obsession, but i’m hooked.

in our home, my husband usually prepares the coffee (the perks of marrying a former barista) while i cook.  when i think about it, this really is the first creative venture of my day, before i choose my outfit or, on a good day, style my hair and makeup.  every day brings a new opportunity for culinary adventure, but i do have my go-to meals for the mornings when my brain’s activity level hasn’t quite caught up with my body’s.

this simple breakfast sandwich is my favorite.  it is chock full of protein, healthy fats, carbs, and fiber to energize my body and jump start my morning.  i prefer to make it on seeded bread, and my husband likes it on whole wheat toast.  it is about as easy as it comes in terms of preparation, so i hope it becomes one of your tried-and-true recipes (if you can even call it that) as well.  i feel quite silly even offering instructions on how to make it, but it never hurts to have a guide!

old faithful breakfast sammie

i’m not going to pretend to have created my own recipe for seed + nut bread, so check out my new roots or the bojon gourmet for some great recipes.  i often vary mine based on the grains, nuts, and seeds i have on hand, and, as long as i keep the substitutions similar (i.e. pepitas for sunflower seeds or hazelnuts for almonds), the results are consistent.  i have had better, more consistent results baking the loaf as instructed per the bojon gourmet versus my new roots, but it truly is tough to actually mess up these loaves.

yields 1 open-faced sandwich

  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 2 eggs
  • fine sea salt + pepper to taste
  1. toast those slices of bread up to your heart’s content.  if you don’t have a toaster, do it in the oven–just keep an eye on those bad boys; i once had a roommate who burned her toast every single time on her first try of the morning.  needless to say, she went through loaves of bread faster than an avocado goes from ripe to rotten…
  2. speaking of avocados, cut yours in half, seal the half with the nut still in it with either a plastic bag or saran wrap, and tuck that joker into the fridge.  leaving the nut in will help keep it fresh.  while the other half gently beckons for you to scoop it out of its shell and eat it right then and there, resist the urge.  while it’s still in the peel, use a knife to cut tiny slices in it or to just mash it up into a chunky, creamy spread.  again, it’s all up to your preference.
  3. heat a sauté pan on medium.  if you aren’t using a nonstick pan, add about 1 tbsp of coconut oil or ghee and coat the bottom of the pan as it melts.  if you’re using a nonstick pan and want to add in a little extra fat, you can do this step as well, but it isn’t mandatory.  crack your eggs into the pan and let those suckers fry.  once the white is mostly set, you can flip the eggs for a moment to sear the other side and the yolk.  keep your yolk runny, though.  not only is it delicious, but a runny yolk contains lecithin, a nutrient that helps your body properly absorb fats and aids in proper brain function.  So runny yolks basically make you a genius.
  4. as your eggs fry, your toast will be ready and waiting for you to smear your avocado spread (or, for you fancy folk, gently place your avocado slices) all up on its grill.  slather it on, and, once they’re ready, top each slice with an egg.  sprinkle with sea salt + pepper, crack the yolk and let it cover your sammie in ooey-gooey goodness, and savor this spectacular and simple meal.  i dare you to leave a crumb on your plate.



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